Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Digital Darkroom Class Progress

Week 1-2:

1.) Made my first graphic for the self-portrait assignment. Heres some different variations- loves it!

2.) Made a poster/ event flyer for 'Rock the Boat'- a tahoe boat party company:

(although they ended up canceling the party, which was a total bummer, they're having another event for halloween)

3.) Made an image with my ipad, using Adobe Sketch, of my friend Kailey as a cat. (I hope to find a way to use my ipad as a tablet this upcoming week too, its alot easier to work with than an actual tablet)  I used the image for the text/image assignment- showing how different texts change the image-  i stuck to the cuter fonts, so that the different texts dont show as much contrast as they could of. However, i love the different texts, even if there all kind of in the same theme



Week 3 Goals:

1.) Make guys FYVE snowboard graphic for contest- using Odin image allready made (plan to make image vector using drawing tablet, Ai, and Ps)

2.) Parallax draft- look up reference sites that i want to match/ follow/ work off of- how does the parallax effect represent me as FauxFate and an art portfolio