Friday, March 28, 2014

Kailey's Skatedeck

Most of my decks that i paint on are from Kailey Lewis. 
I owed her a deck for a while, finally got around to it this year.

She loves her cat way too much.

 "Sophie Deck"

Redemption Sports Art Show

So this would be the second layered-stencil i've made on my own- (haha you can tell that i still need some practice).  Its of Farah Foset skateboarding with wings. 
What a babe.

"Farah Shreds"
(5' by 4')

My friend Pete, whom i mentioned in my last post, got his work Redemption Sports to host an art show- where some friends and I got to host our goods.

I wanted to paint something big, yet had been busy with school, so I figured i'd give stenciling another go. I thought that the process would be shorter, but since im not very experienced with stenciling/spraypainting, making the stencil turned out to be more of a hassle than a convience. All in all, i learned from the experience and we had a great turn out at the show!

(Sold the painting titled "Elephant Eyes," to Marshall Smith)

Big L Skatedeck

Painted this deck for Pete (Murd'n Beat) Rispoli this past fall. 

Met him rapping at a party my first year out in Tahoe. I was fresh from North Carolina, so naturally i started rhyming nonsense back. Haha i dont know where my head was at, but embarresingly enough, we've stayed friends every since. Pete will either have you offended or laughing at yourself with his lyrical taste. 

Pete introduced me to Big L, so i had to return the favor by painting him a deck. 

RIP Harlem's Finest

Flamingo Skatedeck

Another skatedeck i painted for my little cousin Gabbi before i left Oregon this fall-resprenting his love for the tropics and sweets.

"Flamingo Deck"

Erkah Badu

 Heres a piece that i made in Hood River, OR before i left for school this fall. 

Somehow my stepmom convinced my pops to let me spraypaint the side of our house, even though this was my first ever attempt at stencil-making on my own. Thanks Roberta! 

Shout out to my little cousins Gabbi and Stephan for helping me hold up the stencils while i was painting, too- love you guys

"Erkah Badu"
(5' by 4')

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kiteboard For Cancer Skatedeck

So I figured that I would start my blog off with art that i made this past fall, and move on from there, until im caught up with what i am working on now.

In August i donated a board to Kiteboard for Cancer, an event held every year in Hood River, OR. (Check out for more info on the event and organization)

Here it is the beautiful Asheley Allen modeling my deck. It was auctioned off to a couple from Hawaii.

First Blog Post!!

Wow never thought that i would have a blog of my own. I've always sort of been opposed to the idea of blogging- as it seemed out of the way to read the details of someone's personal life. But as i was sitting in my web design class today, i realized how naive im being, and that i can really use a blog for my art portfolio. I think it will be interesting to make a timeline showing my progress and where some of my art ends up. So here goes nothing.. .