Friday, March 28, 2014

Redemption Sports Art Show

So this would be the second layered-stencil i've made on my own- (haha you can tell that i still need some practice).  Its of Farah Foset skateboarding with wings. 
What a babe.

"Farah Shreds"
(5' by 4')

My friend Pete, whom i mentioned in my last post, got his work Redemption Sports to host an art show- where some friends and I got to host our goods.

I wanted to paint something big, yet had been busy with school, so I figured i'd give stenciling another go. I thought that the process would be shorter, but since im not very experienced with stenciling/spraypainting, making the stencil turned out to be more of a hassle than a convience. All in all, i learned from the experience and we had a great turn out at the show!

(Sold the painting titled "Elephant Eyes," to Marshall Smith)